The Challenge

Northtowns Remodeling Corp. has always been seen as a general contractor from the consumer standpoint. Everywhere they advertised, there would be a large focus on six main services: bathroom, kitchen, accessibility, window, deck, and siding. The work they did ranged from additions and siding, all the way up to highly custom bathroom and accessibility renovations. The largest part of their business consists of bathroom, kitchen, and accessibility services, yet their branding did not at all reflect that.


We worked very closely with the owner, Brian. The first step was to put all of this down in writing and discuss his vision and goals for the company. We explored what type of work they should really be specializing in, and what type of work they should avoid doing. It's difficult to be a custom and specialized company when your branding shows that you offer everything under the sun.

The problem with having so many service offerings is that you cannot focus down your brand to mirror more of a specialized and custom service offering. We knew we had to narrow down these 6+ services down into two or three parent services. After further discussion and exploration, we came up with three main service categories to focus the company on: bathroom, kitchen, and exterior.

Bathroom would have a sub-set of accessibly, as would exterior. The exterior service would consist of window, deck, and addition. This allowed for the potential customer to immediately know the strengths of Northtowns Remodeling while still offering the same services as before.

Properly organizing the company's brand strategy was just the first step in evolving the overall brand, next came the logo design process.

Website Design

Northtowns Remodeling Corp. Site
Modified Image After
Original Image Before

Check out both site designs to see how we have improved the user-experience across the site:

Online Marketing

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IT Services & Support

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